There Are a Million Reasons…but for today, 13.

leowen13. You are curious. You ask deep questions about the world and why it functions the way it does. Even more so, you are intrigued by the answers we provide-enough so to think on your own about what you make of everything.

12. You find joy in the little things: like miniature twix bars and gummy bears and sour patch kids. All the little things that light your face up with joy.

11. You are a natural helper. Whether it is helping your papa with technology or even kids on the slopes, you always make time to help other people.

10. You are adventurous and enjoy trying new things, exploring different places, and finding fun in the mundane. You look forward to when we uproot our home and branch out to the west. You can’t wait for snowboarding and real mountains!

9. You’re intelligent. Academics come easy, but you push further with technology, coding, and gaming. Keep elevating and expanding your learning opportunities.IMG-8750

8. You are sensitive. Your heart leads a lot of your decision making, and while that makes you vulnerable, it also makes relationships more connected, fulfilling, and intimate.

7. Your love for Boo. This love you have for this cat is remarkable. I cannot explain it any other way.

6. You are a good friend. Delivering birthday gifts in a pandemic, remembering their fave things, and thoughtfully purchasing presents is only a glimpse into how loyal you are to your friends.

5. You’re growing more responsible, especially remote learning all year this year. We have noticed your response to emails with teachers and your follow up on assignments has really illustrated that you are moving further away from childhood and closer to being a young adult.

4. Your love for Isla is so strong; the way you show her you care with snuggles and movies and wrestling.

3. Your love for Pearl is genuine: playing games together and riding bikes with one another is so special.

2. Your love for Claire-you two have a bond like no other and will always be best of friends even though it may not always feel like it.

1.There is a part of you still longing to hold on tight to childhood-keep it close. We love this part of you so much and while we know we will miss the Little Leo that has brought so much joy to our lives, we look forward to what Leo Mattern is going to become.


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