Pearl Girl.


There is an old saying about girls and sugar and spice and while it is pretty stereotypical, it’s also pretty true of our Pearl girl. She is one minute sugar and the next spice-spice so hot it leaves a little heat in your throat for the rest of the day. 


Despite this life of extremes that Pearl offers us, we are the luckiest family and embrace her fully. We are so in love with this future unicorn princess fairy. 


Pearl began this year switching schools and although she left some awesome friends and amazing teachers behind at St. Paul’s, she has been met with open arms at Teddy Thomson Elementary. 


We found out that this is her teacher’s last year teaching so that has also proved to create a special bond between the two. Pearl has been really sick this winter and her teacher misses her every time she’s not in class. It probably helps that her teacher is a Pearl Jam groupie, too! 


Pearl also is able to ride the bus every day which she absolutely loves. She’s made quick friends with everyone on the bus including Mr. Mike, their driver. 


But, for the first few months of school she would get off smiling then see me and solemnly hang her head. “What’s wrong baby?” I’d ask. I was met with quiet. Then shrugged shoulders. Finally a whisper: “Mom. I stuck my middle finger up at school, but no one noticed,  so I think I’m ok.” Some days it was at recess while other times it was even on the bus. Sometimes it was even in the library. This lasted a few months and every single day I heard about her middle finger adventures. Then I imagine she learned that there are things you just get away with in life sometimes. But it’s still best to always tell your mom. 


Pearl began gymnastics this year too. Her instructor what shocked it was her first year-they even asked her to join the dance team! The best part was watching her peek over at me when she completed something new-just to make sure I was watching. I’ll always be watching.


This year, as her birthday falls on a week of vacation, Pearl was able to experience a trip of a lifetime to Disney with the help of family and friends.


She met and curtsied Belle, played a lot in Dumbo’s big top tent, rode a few rides, and saw a fireworks show that left her speechless. That last one might blow your mind if you know Pearl. She literally still had her hand on her mouth when she awoke-the morning after the fireworks! 


While Pearl brings us a mix of sugar and spicy drama, we would be remiss if we didn’t share with you how much she loves her family, her Carla, her Sue, and her Boo. 



And while her sugar and spice are a beautiful combination, this year we have sensed an awareness of others that she has about her-a special intuitiveness and empathy that resonates deep within her heart. 


When they say Disney is magical, I can’t help but imagine Pearl there someday performing as Cinderella, Elsa, or the next warrior princess ready to take on anything that stands in her way. Happy 6th birthday Pearl Girl.



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