LEO is 15!

15 Things We Love About You, Son

Leo, on your special day, your fifteenth trip around (our son) the sun, we wanted you to know how much we love you. Here are our most recent, top 15 things we love about YOU.

15. Your carefree spirit, riding your bike to school every day with no worry about temperature or ice or snow.
14. The way you curl up with the cats and seek them out for snuggle time.
13. How you call out the ignorance when gaming-and choose to leave games (or players) if they continue to use derogatory language or inappropriate concepts.
12. When you play hide and seek or a live version of AMONG US with the girls, even though you are tired.
11. How you know your friends, like really know them. It’s not just about their favorite candy and colors, but also their habits and idiosyncrasies. It really shows you care-and that they matter to you.
10. The love you have for your grandparents and the patience you exude when the ask you to teach them tech stuff or help them out with chores.
9. How easily you forgive, especially me when I made you watch Jaws with me at such a young age.
8. How big your heart is and how you are not ashamed of it.
7. That you choose to surround yourself with good people.
6. Your sense of humor ranging from dad jokes to The Office to puns.
5. The passion you have for history-accurate, truth telling history.
4. How your patience has grown for Pearl, through Isla.
3. The fact that you still need Second Dinner each night around 9pm.
2. How Claire will always be your BFF, no matter where you both end up in this one wild, adventurous life.
1. And finally, how last night, when you were biking home from Driver’s Ed, you ran into dad and I walking to Kroger and said, “Can I turn around and join you guys or is this a couples thing?” then proceeded to walk your bike alongside us, sharing your day and updating us on what you learned in class earlier that evening.

We love you, Leo.

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