Friday’s English Work

Instead of making checklists or assignment sheets, Mattern students will view this page for their computer tasks.

ALL students must first read before asking questions. Come to the front desk today with any questions. Ask 3 before me.

English 11

1. Type up your NANOWRIMO writing so you have a minimum 500 word excerpt. Print it as draft one. Now begin to revise it. Use your editing checklist and transition guide. If you have time, print the revision. Those who have it typed already should begin by revising after painting their first clean copy as draft one. Put in WN. I will be looking for it during the exam check.

2. Practice this:

3. Research and print an article that discusses any or all of the following:

-how high school prepares/or not students for their future careers

-when one should begin career and/or college exploration

-how do you know which career is right for you

-how often ppl switch majors in college or drop out, or change schools entirely

4. Work on ACT prep at or help those in need at while working on your vocabulary.

English 12

Print beautiful words. This can be in the form of your favorite quote, song lyrics, a phrase, or poem. Place it in your WN.

Annotated Bibliography and Works Cited pages can be created today. See this for help: OWL.

Research your topic. Begin at: googlescholar, the media center research page, or wikipedia (for sources ONLY).  Print your sources in one word .doc to keep them aligned. Be sure to get the url address and date so you have info for the Works Cited page for each source. No .coms should be implemented. Use scholarly articles and journals (PubMed, ERIC DIGESTS, Questia). Place in WN. Make a tab for research or articles. I wouldn’t read much today; save it for the weekend or Monday.

EDP work can be found here: (this is PAST DUE). Your log in first is cahs with the password, cavaliers. Then you do your 6 digit student id/bday information. Print your EDP after following the steps on the yellow checklist and completing each item. Signatures are necessary before turning in to me.

Update and revise your letter to the freshman. Add details from recent lessons. Print. Sign. Turn in both copies to me. Do not staple.

Play freerice and help those in need while working on your vocabulary.

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