Flint Farmer’s Market!

Mr. Racecar Guy and Grass People

Today was our first Story Time with Ms. Hope at A Bit of Earth http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Bit-of-Earth/136228629768277 in the Farmer’s Market.  She was enthusiastic and patient with all the kids, including the hyper ones and my fussy lil’ Leo.  We heard an array of stories including Claire’s favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Leo’s favorite of the day, My Little Sister Ate One Hare.  Claire said, “That book is too gross for me!  She ate worms, bats, and snakes! Ew.”  The kids also sang a few songs like Wheels on the Bus, and we met the “Big Giant Spider” instead of the itsy-bitsy one.  Then we made a creative, hairy plant-man. Claire named hers Grass People and Leo calls his, Racecar Guy.  They are adorable!  This activity was free for everyone, and A Bit of Earth has the most amazing products in their booth at the market.  Last week we bought fishing pole marshmallow turners, a homemade refurbished journal, Power Rangers board book, and Black Beauty chapter book.  This week Claire lent Leo a dollar because his Corduroy book was $2.00 and he only had $1.00.  She bought Curious George for $1.00.  Today we also visited the bakery at the north end of the market.  The kids shared a chocolate muffin and butter croissant.  I tasted both and they were phenomenal!  They each had a juice, so the total was $4.90.  Not too bad for taking home mommy food for later!  The croissant took me to Paris at 16 with my mom.  We survived on bread and cheese alone!

After saying another tearful adieu to our friends, we shopped the fruit and veggie stations along the exterior of the market.  Firm Roma tomatoes, fresh crunchy asparagus (on sale 3 bunches for $5), strawberries from the kids’ favorite Vassar farmer, and thick sweet corn were our overall purchases. We took bags of our own to save on plastic, and both kids also used their own money to buy a choice fruit or veggie (Leo chose strawberries and Claire bought corn).  I learned from our farming friends in Northville that asparagus can be frozen and it is good chopped up and cooked in spaghetti sauce (plus the kids will never know they are eating it!).  Each time I visit the market I am in awe of the beauty, promise, and love Flint holds.

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2 Responses to Flint Farmer’s Market!

  1. Krys and Ashton says:

    The little figures they made are adorable 🙂 I’m so happy to see them growing into beautiful intelligent kids 🙂 I hope to see many more posts from you. And I find it amazing you are teaching them to GO GREEN 😀 Keep it up guys 🙂

  2. Larry Shay says:

    I am impressed with your memory, your writing ability and your Love for Home. You and your children will walk a wonderful life together. Thanks for sharing them with me and Mom.

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