Do You Like My Hat?

I like hats. I have many of them. The latest is a 1920’s inspired black felt hat.  One of my favorite books is Go, Dog, Go! just because of the line, “Do you like my hat?” As babies both of my kids loved that part of the story (as well as the dog party in the tree).  Hats, hats, hats.  Yesterday my friend Susan mentioned all the hats I’ve been wearing this week as an author and it really got me thinking…do I really like wearing all of these author hats?

Since my first young adult novella, All About Jane, dropped online last week (you can purchase at I have been trying on so many hats that I just want to do my hair again, which is something I usually despise, especially now that there are three babies to get ready for church which leaves little time for this mama, let alone this mama’s hair!

One of the most challenging hats I’ve worn this week is technical support.  I am not a fan of how things work.  It’s simple.  People like putting stuff together and learning how it works, but I do not.  I just like those things (that others put together) to work for me.  Since All About Jane is an ebook (hard cover drops June 29! reserve yours now!), I have had many fans ask about the easy way to download it, or what device it is compatible with, or even how to transfer it to another device.  I want to be quite honest here…I had to text my husband so he would remind me how to get to this website to post a new blog (seriously).  For some reason, and maybe it is dependency or mama brain, I just cannot recall the url ending I have to add to to update.  Nor do I remember the password and username, but that’s for a different post! A techie hat is really tough for me to put on, but I am learning.

Additionally I have become a negotiator.  All About Jane was originally supposed to be just an ebook, but a contract was offered for a hard copy.  Have I ever read an author contract before? No.  Did I know what I was getting into? Not at all.  Was it like the flea market where you can barter? Kind of.  I also used my resources and contacted a few lawyers, film industry experts, and published authors to see what they thought about my contract and to listen to their advice.  This hat was an easier fit, but still sort of scratchy on my forehead.

Aside from negotiating, I’m also promoting (  I’ve always promoted my books, but with an ebook, there has to be more tech savvy way to reach your audience.  My brother made a stellar video ( and I have emailed, posted, and spoken to all my fans, former students, and friends about this work that I am so proud of!  But it is hard when you aren’t a fan of sales people.  It’s even harder to become one.  I changed my email signature to include the link to buy my book.  I have blogged more about this book than the others in hopes it will reach more people.  I have joined groups of authors who are all trying to make their dreams happen.  I have made promo posters, postcards, and more business cards.  It’s a hat that I wish I didn’t have to wear, but if I want to be successful in helping my family survive this crazy life we are living together, I have to get comfortable with doing what makes me uncomfortable.

With that, I am going to take off my red writing hat and glasses, and think about letting you in on my next project.  It’s called Born this Way.  Or Born that Way.  We will see.  If you’ve read All About Jane, please help me out by leaving a review on Good Reads at

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4 Responses to Do You Like My Hat?

  1. Dad says:

    I do enjoy your writing, even these blogs. I guess that’s what it is.
    I Love your hat! And I Love Go Dog Go! My favorite also is the party in the tree…….
    Always wanted to have one of them.
    All About Jane. Well written but your Mom had to read it to me. From a fathers perspective, you will always be “Daddy’s Little Girl” and dads girl didn’t get in any trouble, never experimented with the dark side and always had happy thoughts. A dad can dream can’t we? You did keep it suspenseful and it did keep me guessing.
    Your very talented at what you do. Might take you a bit to get the drop ball or a rise ball but when you got it, you got it and batters were sorry that you kept training.
    Your mindset has always been to be successful. You’ve accomplished that. I was happy to see Papa, why does the wind blow? Hearing it may become a series is icing on the cake. Me and Claire will never be forgotten.
    Your Greatest accomplishment to date isn’t writing, teaching or pitching and coaching. Your greatest accomplishment is the person that you have allowed yourself to become. You will always wear many hats but what is most unique about you, is you seem to know when to pull out your listening cap and when to pull out your councilors cap. You wear a leader cap very well and most good leaders are able to pull out their followers cap also. I’ve seen you share this with other very qualified people and so goes EFA and your Authors group and have I mentioned your parenting skills.
    I’ve said enough, probably to much. I close with I Love You!

  2. Carrie, nice post! I agree, authors must wear many hats these days. I’ve worn or am wearing all those you’ve mentioned. And really, all we want to do is write 🙂

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