Last night was a long one with a poor sick baby, but we made it to Bluebell Beach on time for a presentation by “For Mar on the Road” …or so I thought.  Whoops kids, it’s at 2pm and NOT 11am. Let’s play on the jungle gym!  If you didn’t know, Bluebell Beach, located on Bray Rd., has a bad rap due to the Ecoli that inhabits the water on an annual basis, however the playground is exceptional! The kids had a blast on the rock climbing wall (which was at least 10ft), and Leo managed to climb it on his own, but did not know how to use the fireman pole to slide down.  My ingenuity had him piggyback riding me while we slid down together.  Much better than him jumping off and me catching him like Caylin suggested! The fun also consisted of large telephones similar to the one in Whoville that was used to speak with Horton.  We also strolled along a stormy beach. Notice Leo’s cape billowing in the wind.  Before we left for lunch we saw a beautiful swam enjoying the peaceful water.

Like Bluebell, there are many free playgrounds in the area if you just take a minute to map them.  Your kids would really love Flushing’s Riverview Park that my kids refer to as “Emerson’s Castle Park.”  The Flushing “A” is nearby where you can get an affordable lunch or snack while in your car, or inside the old-fashioned A&W. Nearby in Davison we have “The Castle Park” that is know more commonly as Jack Abernathy Park.  They also have sand volleyball and tennis courts.  In Grand Blanc you can check out Bicentennial Park with a toddler water park (Bluebell Beach also has one too), and a terrific playscape with picnic area. Indian Hill Elementary also has a really fun playground if you regularly hit Bicentennial Park, and Rust Park is located nearby with basketball courts.  In the Flint area, Randels Elementary is nice with a pavilion, and directly off Ballenger Rd. is St. Paul’s hidden gem, while downtown there are a few open areas parallel to South Saginaw St. that beckon the children from shopping or dining with their parents.  Regardless of the town you are in, free parks are plenty. Lapeer hosts playgrounds within walking distance for most residents, where Fenton has North Road Elementary school that puts other school parks to shame.  Regardless of where you are located, have fun with your children while they are still children. There are 89 free parks in Genessee County alone!  Leave your phone in the car, and just go PLAY!

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    Love the advice and perspective. Thanks Sis!

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