Back to Pages Bookstore with book #2

Just thinking back to our first signing a little over a year ago. We weren’t sure what to expect, and were truly blessed with the environment at Pages, and overall support from family and friends. I was surprised to see a few friends, family members, and even former Brown City students (with their baby) show up last fall. With that being said, we are planning a family and friends (thank-you) signing for December, but wanted to head back to Pages Bookstore to show our community the support it deserves. Flint is trying desperately to get back onto its feet and we have taken the kids downtown a few times in the past month, and it has been great! There are a few new eateries, as well as a larger Yoga Studio and numerous shopping venues within walking distance of Pages. If you can, make a day of it next Saturday, Nov. 20th and see what downtown Flint has to offer! We will be at Pages from 1-3pm for reading, signing, eating, and fellowship! Additionally our illustrator, Rebecca Bodzick, will be there to celebrate and join us in our second endeavor. Hope to see you there!

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