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Today was errand day…BORING, unless you have a day like the boy in When Dinosaurs Came With Everything, by Elise Broach. Unfortunately for the kids, our day was not like his…the dentist appointments did not reward us with a Brontosaurus afterwards, but a toothbrush, the book drop off at Baby Love Shoppe did not provide a Pterodactyl, but a unique puppy backpack for Leo, and the post office visit left us with two envelopes instead of a Triceratops. In lieu of our ‘boring’ day, I thought I would spice up the post with a few recommendation for summer reading.

The children’s list is composed from my two pseudo-nieces (Caylin and Gracen), Claire, and Leo:

1. Caylin, age 9, recommends Tooth Trouble by Jane Clarke. She likes it “because I like walruses and Wilbur, especially.  He is so funny. ‘I don’t WANNA go to the dentist’ ” she yelled in unison with her sister, Gracen.

2. Gracen, sister to Caylin, age 6, recommends any book in the Puppy Place series. Her favorite one is about a dog named Medal who like trophies. She thinks anyone who likes puppies should read it.

3. Claire, also 6, really enjoys the book, Penny, by Jane E. Gerver. “Sometimes you get to go to the barn in the summer and ride horses,” she said, which is quite comical since we don’t own a horse or a barn.

4. Leo (age 3) loves firetruck books because “when someone gets dead the ambulance saves you.” He also loves the classic, Caps for Sale, thanks to his buddy, Salim.

5. Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems makes my kids laugh every time we read it.

6. The Invisible String by Patrice Karst is great for families with loved ones overseas, or far away…

7. My Sister Ate One Hare by  Bill Grossman was full of fun at the Flint Farmer’s Market Story Time.

8. Corduroy by Don Freeman was a unanimous favorite by all four kids tonight!

9. Pink Princess Rules the School by Alyssa Crowne was a fan favorite of the two youngest girls.

10. And finally, the lone recommendation from my dear husband (who has recently become a reader) is Adam Mansbach’s, Go the F*!# to Sleep, free on Audible (via Itunes) and read by Samuel L. Jackson . It is definitely not for children.

I will save the rest of my adult summer selections for the next dull errand day. Until then, wish for a day when dinosaurs come with everything, and 4 kids sleep peacefully through the night (or one at least!).

Sleep Hysteria

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