Memorable Snapshots

The proud, yet shy look on Claire’s face as I was sharing our story to a room filled with family, friends, and people she had never met before…the look of sheer determination as Aunt Candi hobbled in on crutches, fresh from her tumultuous fall…the look of anticipation on Linda’s face as she entered the bookstore searching for me…the look of joy on my mom’s face as she found her brother…the surprised look on Alicia’s face at my continued recognition…the look of Leo and my father enjoying a second read…the look of relief on my face as two dear friends arrived late…the look of pride as my husband introduced me, his “inspiring wife”…this is what I will hold dear. ┬áThank you for supporting me in my endeavors.

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2 Responses to Memorable Snapshots

  1. Larry Shay says:

    I looked at you and seen your Mom. The two of you are both so professional but compassionate. You are very balanced in communicating with others. You stay on task and use enough of your surroundings to make every one feel comfortable enough to let their guard down. Seems like yesterday that you set on the bump between me and Mom’s car seats, long before the car-seat law. I remember going out to meet Mr. Wheaton for the 1st time, summer going into 8th grade, I think…. District Champs in “98”, birth of Claire Elizabeth, witnessing you and Paul exchanging vows in spanish,lol.
    Little Boy Blue and now book #2. You sure have given us some really blessings, don’t stop, I Love it!

  2. Zhantelle says:

    Omg, Mrs. Mattern I am so proud of you. I always knew you were going to make it big!! I’m glad your parents were able to publish the book and make it a surprise for you. That was a huge thing for you, and I’m glad Claire and Leo can watch their mom grow in success while they are growing up themselves. Can’t wait to come see you when I visit! Love you.

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