MCTE #TeachGoodTrouble

Before presentations, I like to brainstorm here on what goals and objectives I have as a presenter. Tonight for the Michigan Council of Teachers of English, I hope to:
-honor time and energy of educators
-cultivate community within networks and beyond districts
-energize with ideas and reflections
-challenge w/resources and call to action
-acknowledge those who have taught me
Here is an overview of the presentation along with links to research that will be discussed and referenced this evening.

Making Good Trouble with Jessyca Mathews & Carrie Mattern

Cyclical STEPS of ABAR work:

Reliable Research


Put students first.
Interrogate your vocabulary. Use language that is not from deficit thinking (Wickham-Hurst) and language that is inclusive.
Decolonize your curriculum. #DisruptTexts
Discuss differently. Consider the noticings and wonderings but analyze critically (Ebarvia, Gallagher).
Reimagine what liberation looks like in your classroom for your students, particularly those who are Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ (martin).
Prepare to disrupt your colleagues who are rooted in the oppressive system of tradition (Parker, Nold).

Combatting the excuses of why ABAR work is NOT happening
WHAT you prioritize Ss will learn.
HOW does ignoring this work continue to erase Ss and their intersectionality (Crenshaw)?
If there is time for announcements, there is time to implement ABAR vocabulary
If your dpt. makes ABAR work a goal=accountability
If your school board does not agree, research & present with a group of stakeholders
Black Lives Matter-ing is not political.


Twitter Communities

#DisruptTexts #ClearTheAir
#THEBOOKCHAT #LiberateandChill
#TeachLivingPoets #31DaysIBPOC
#EduColor #CARBTE

Books that Informed our Learning

Linguistic Justice, Dr. April Baker-Bell
We Want to Do More than Survive, Dr. Bettina Love
Liberatory Consciousness, Dr. Barbara Love
Hood Feminism, Mikki Kendall
How to Be An AntiRacist, Ibram X. Kendi
The AntiRacist Teaching Literacy Workbook, Lorena German
White Rage, Dr. Carol Anderson
Cultivating Genius, Gholdy Muhammad

Scholars that continue to teach us:

Tricia Ebarvia Jason Reynolds
Kelly Wickham Hurst shea martin
Kelly Gallagher Dr. Alfred Tatum
Tiffany Jewell Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw
Dr. Kim Parker Dr. Debbie Reese
Joshua Thompson Val Brown
Ann Giese Justin Schneider
Marian Dingle Hema Kedai
Alfred Tatum José Vilson
Yasmin Neal (Target Practice film)


Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler) by Marvin Gaye
Strange Fruit by Nina Simone
Stereotypes by Black Violin

Cody Miller and shea martin for NCTE on Like A Love Story

NCTE Statement on Racism:

NEA statement on BLM

Dr. Kinberle Crenshaw’s Mapping the Margins

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

#31DAYSIBPOC Every piece posted.

Tiffany Jewell’s Book and other sources:

Lorena German’s Book:

Dr. Baker-Bell’s work
: and Linguistic Justice can be ordered here:

Marian Dingle “Will You Acknowledg

Thanks to Jes for always including me in this work. It continues to be a ride I will never take for granted.

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