All Aboard!

We began our journey to Thomas in the early morning, which was a great idea for our early risers! The train suggests an arrival a half-hour before departure time, and we did, so we were able to board immediately without waiting in any line. While on the train we were able to take pics, talk about the water tower, and look at the nature surrounding us; it was terrific family time and the half-hour seemed to fly by! As soon as our conductor came over the PA, we knew Thomas was ready to pull our train on a forty minute ride through Genesee, past Crossroads village onlookers all waving happily, over a bridge, and even right past Mott Lake where we saw my parents stand-up paddleboarding! The ride was smooth and put my kids, and husband, into a tranquility near sleep. The story of Thomas (read over the PA) almost felt like a bed-time story as we rolled through the green landscape. It was enjoyed by all! There were also opportune times to take pictures of Thomas chugging us along the track. What a sight!

After the ride we decided on the Magic Show. It was hysterical and the kids loved it. So much that one of them wants the magician to come to her birthday party next spring! Our favorite trick was the Siri trick that had the magician’s assistant talking to Siri through the entire routine. You can imagine the humor in “banana” and “bandana” since they sound similar when spoken. Overall there was crowd interaction, family fun, and even an iPad given away…but I will save that joke for when you go this weekend (Fri-Sun there are still tickets available).

We also played at the Inflatables station and rode the Ferris Wheel (as a family for the first time!). I could go on and on about our adventures, but I have pictures to share so I will say this to keep it short: this was one of my favorite days of our summer and our summer has encompassed a lot (MN, Aruba, WI, MI). If you are considering A Day Out With Thomas at Crossroads, just do it. Sure there are a lot of people, but everything is so well organized and spread out, the only time it is busy is when you get off/on the train. Sure it may be a pricey ticket for your family, but look at all it covers! You will not be disappointed and will leave with many memories. Here is a photo reel that speaks for itself.

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